Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Waitin On a Train---Pulling into your town soon!

In these days of bloggers and myspacers it seems the constant stream of stuff gets a bit overwhelming as everyone wants to be the Next Big Thing. It's quite refreshing to hear a band like Waitin On A Train simply because they love playing old timey and hillbilly songs and it shows. Far from being calculated towards a target demographic, they instead would rather sing traditional murder ballads and play fiddle tunes. Their zest for their cover material and originals is matched only by their scorn directed at the modern cookie cutter style bluegrass bands with their soundalike tunes. More traditional country than bluegrass, their shows are an exuberant celebration of bygone times. If you are in the Central PA area this month, check out their shows:

Jan 6 2006 9:00P
McCleary's Public House Marietta, PA
Jan 14 2006 10:00P
First Capital Bar and Grill York, PA
Jan 20 2006 10:00P
Murph's Other Bar (the depot) YORK, PA
Jan 28 2006 8:00P
Feb 2 2006 9:00P
Spence Cafe West Chester, PA

For those unfortunate souls who are out of the area, check out their original tune Dead on The Floor or their own instro Flying Eggs! Swell tunes. Tony, Paul, and Adam are at work on a new CD filled with their own stuff as well as a few well-seasoned chestnuts. Check back later for more info or come on down to one of the shows!


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