Thursday, December 08, 2005

Jungle Rot: Underground Garage's Finest Hour?

OK, That might be a little hyperbole, but what is for sure is George Brigman's 1st LP was self produced and released by an 18 year old who had only been playing guitar for a little over a year! Its primitive, yet complex, murky blend of psychedelia and the blues has acquired somewhat legendary stature in the 30 years since its initial release. Far from being your basic fuzz garage 3 chord stomper, it's filled with finely crafted gems of desperation, hallucination and determination. A lone voice crying out from the urban wasteland in songs that can be both harsh and beautiful, George Brigman drives his bleak imagery home with some mean guitar and a backwoods growl. Had George only ever recorded the screaming lust filled rocker "Jungle Rot", his reputation would be secure; however, he follows that rave-up with a distorted sea of swirling guitars in the hallucinatory "DMT" and then follows that up with the snarling proto-punk of "Dont Bother Me"!
Then just when you think you got him pegged, he follows with the slow burn of "Schoolgirl", a magical free-flowing ballad about an unattainable love. Clearly there is a reason why this LP has remained highly sought after and originals exhange hands for lofty prices. The low down psychedelic blues vibe is really like no other. The passage of time has only cemented the LPs reputation and its no wonder that LP but was the genesis of quite a talent who would continue on his own musical odyssey and lay down even more smokin tracks at the years went on. I'll fill you in on the incredible "I Can Hear the Ants Dancin'" CD in a future post.
For now, thats all. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, and one BIG thanks to the fine folk at the Ebay Vero and the Amazon Alliance teams who booted 7 listings just this week of the Bootleg Brigman CDs on Radioactive Records and Synton. Again, no Brigman product from overseas is legal! Look for the quality trademarks of Bona Fide and Anopheles and you cant go wrong!


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Brigman Rules !!! Punk_man


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