Monday, May 14, 2012

York Record Riot to be held May 23rd

It's time for the York Record Riot once again! Wednesday May 23rd from 6-9, the York Emporium (343 W. Market St.) will host this quarterly event for vinyl enthusiasts of all kinds.  The wondrous Emporium has been host to all sorts of events from a scream contest to cigar box guitar festivals and even civil war reenactments, and the Emporium master, the esteemed Jim Lewin welcomes all kinds of vinyl freaks and music lovers to share in their passion.  In addition to having his own room filled with records, Mr. Lewin has generously opened his shop to local record dealers and fellow collectors to provide a unique opportunity to buy, sell, and/or trade their wares.  Whether your love is 60s R & B, Rock and Roll, Jazz, Hillbilly, Doo Wop, Disco, Punk or simply everything else, this free event promises to bring a plethora of vinyl goodies to downtown York on a Wednesday night!

This Wednseday night shindig is simply a fun event bringing a huge assortment of recorded music together with those who love to spin it.  Dea;ers and collectors from all over PA and MD will converge on the Emporium to chat, brag, and buy and sell.  New this time will be Slovenly Records with their large catolog of wild punk rock and garage bands on Slovenly and their sister label Black Gladiator, as well as label distributed product from like minded folks.  A shout goes out to Bazooka Joe and Christine, aka the Thing With Two Heads, for not only spinning great tunes, and booking great shows like the Bo-Kays at the Depot, but also for bringing all the great Slovenly releases to our record riot!  So whether you're looking for some ancient, primitive rocker, or some brand new slightly sleazy and feverish rock'n'roll, you just might find something at the riot that trips your trigger.

The Record Riot also provides a great chance for the public to bring their own records to swap or sell,as we welcome anyone to bring their unwanted vinyl and join in the festivities.  Whether your forte is 70s funk, way-out jazz, hip-hop, garage bands, new wave, honky tonk or classic rock, dust off those records and bring them to the Emporium.  If you are mad about records, you'd be crazy not to show up on the 23rd!  The vast assemblage of records in one convenient spot will be the best thing going in York on the evening of the 23rd, and it just might offer the chance of turning up that long sought after piece of wax, or maybe turning your unwanted records into someone else's treasures.


At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Valeria said...

Totally awesome! I hated when vinyl left and since I heard of a revival.. I've been already snatching up vinyl for 25c on up. I look forward to next Wednesday!!!


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