Monday, June 20, 2011

York Record Riot Saturday Night 5-9 June 25th!

Once again, the York Emporium hosts a gathering of vinyl enthusiasts--this time moving to Saturday evening June 25th from 5-9. Featuring a wide variety of recorded music, mostly in vinyl, this is a great place to find that elusive LP or 45, or even get rid of some surplus wax. Visit for directions or stop by at 343 W. Market St in York, PA to get in on the fun. Come on down for some dusty old discs and maybe a few new ones-rock, soul, jazz country, you name it! Thousands of 45s and Lps of all types in all price ranges, and as always, admission is free of charge, and you check to check out the massive array of books and just plain cool stuff at the emporium too. Anyone wanting to sell or trade their old records are welcome to bring them along as there is no set-up fee to sell. Hope to see you there, and bring some friends too! Our gracious host Jim Lewin will be on hand with refreshments and some of his wife Pam's super tasty treats as well! This is our first try at a Saturday night show, and if this goes well we will make it a regular happening in downtown York!

I apologize for not making regular posts to my neglected blog, but this will change in the future, and once again I will provide a window into the world of musical wonderment on a regular basis. I promise, really.


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