Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer's End Brings Avalanche of Record Shows to the Mid-Atlantic

Please forgive my extended summer vacation from my blog as I delved headfirst into the vinyl subculture even to the point of eschewing the online world in favor of getting my hands dirty and feeding my mind. This post is for those , who like myself, cling to their 7 & 12" slabs of vinyl as if the world was about to end, those who try to roll away the stone with a few spins of a disc. For those who truly cling, the cold, flat computer screen is just no match for a room full of records.

Our fun-filled month of shows gets started on Wednesday September 29th at 6PM with our own York Record Riot at the amazing York Emporium, 343 W. Market St. Imagine a cavernous building filled with books and records invaded by a good variety of dealers and collectors with even more records, in a friendly cozy atmosphere where one can truly dig some tunes. It's a little funky show in a big funky place where all are welcomed, especially those bringing fine records. This little local show is unlike any other, and may be the only semi regular Wednesday show around. As such, its a fine tune-up for the incredible Allentown 45 and 78 show on Saturday Oct 1!

The 23rd Semi-Annual 45 and 78 show at Merchant's Square Mall in Allentown is simply the biggest and best (not to mention first) 45 show in the country. Tears have been shed over the records that have been bought or almost bought there, and some of the finest dealers and collectors in the world will showcase their remarkable records. WFMU may have the biggest record show, but those who search for the rarest 45s visit Allentown first. And if you just happen to be looking for shiny, brand new blues 78's from the 20s, or maybe a few scratchy ones, you will be in luck too. Just bring your pocketbook and you will be rewarded. As an added bonus, the all-format show on Sunday the 3rd will expand the selection with even more dealers adding LPs and Cds to the mix to make for a fine weekend for sure.

After taking a week to recover from Allentown, Oct 10 would be a great day to check out the longest running monthly record show in the US, the Keystone Record Collectors show at the Continental Inn on RT 30 in Lancaster. This location is the best yet for this show which remains a solid place to buy and sell all kinds of records. Easy access, lots of parking, and a spacious showroom make this a sure bet. Add the fact that some dealers do only the KRC show, you really ought to go every month!

That's about it for the vinyl show roundup, unless you go to the next weekend, when on Sat Oct 16th the mammoth Yotk Book Paper Record and Comic Fair returns for its fall show. In their new digs at the Holiday Inn the shindig has it all in one big room or two. After all, you need stuff to read while listening to your new records right? Then you might as well finish a month of trolling for wax in Baltimore Sunday the 17th at the Arbutus Fire Hall, which is simply an amazing place to get some vinyl at totally fair prices! So for those who are not content to sit in front of a computer screen, or listen to their ipod, or looking for apps for their smart phone, etc etc, the Mid-Atlantic has many opportunites to dig, dig and dig some more and find a tangible piece of music to welcome into the home! It's your mission should you choose to accept it...