Wednesday, February 03, 2010

York Emporium Launches 1st Ever York Record Riot February 24th!

In an announcement that echoed far and wide, Jim Lewin of the York Emporium unveiled his latest bright idea to make his business the epicenter of cultural awareness in downtown York, PA---the York Record Riot, a free record show on a Wednesday night in the middle of winter! A brave scheme for sure, but bear in mind that York Emporium, a huge warehouse which is ostensibly a used book store, but actually a whole lot more, has hosted events which range from the chess club and "Horrible Saturdays" to civil war reenactments, and even screaming contests! However, the only things screaming on Wednesday night February 24th will be the rock and roll, soul, way out jazz, and hillbilly music coming from the small portable players carried by a bunch of record diggers.

The resurgence of vinyl and the quest for that elusive disc has been quite a story as the recording industry proved unable to kill the format and its popularity is still growing with both the young and the young at heart. There are some things that you can't get at Walmart and Target, and if you go there looking for a John Coltrane LP, you'd be shit out of luck. The York Emporium is offering a path to enlightenment, if you will, a valiant attempt to break on through to the other side! You might find a scratchy hillbilly record from 50 years ago, a seriously deep funk record, or an LP by a band you saw 30 years ago. Yes, your mind could be opened up, or at least expanded a bit by a little slab of wax. The lure of those black plastic discs will even bring people from out of town, coming to buy or swap or just to check out the scene.

This event, the first of its kind to be attempted in York, will surely be a fun night filled with a lot of groovy tunes. Dealers from swell independent stores like Own Guru from Baltimore and Mr. Suit from Lancaster will give Yorkers a chance to see some truly different records from out of town stores that they may be unable to visit. And, of course Bona Fide will be selling rare vinyl of all kinds as well as our super releases by George Brigman, the Left, and local favorites, Waitin On A Train. It's just great that Jim has organized this event, giving the culture starved locals a worthwhile activity on a Wednesday night. Of course, Mr. Lewin is providing refreshments and several comfy chairs too, adding to the homey atmosphere, and if one gets tired of looking at piles of vinyl, there's always the books--lots of them. So what's left to do, but to head to The York Emporium, February 24th? An evening of musical pleasures awaits, and you, too, can become a part of the first York Record Riot!