Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Welcome to the Bona Fide Records Blog

Hi Folks! Greetings from York County, PA, home to our humble little label with the big sound, Bona Fide Records--real rock n roll for real people and no more bullshit! I like that--no more bullshit! We are artist dedicated and music driven, no holds barred rock n roll for those who want to dig a little deeper into the primordial ooze. Loud, dirty, raunchy and just plain fun is what we are after. We are the only authorized outlet for George Brigman CDS. Both his classic Jungle Rot LP from 1975 and I Can Hear the Ants Dancin are now available in expanded editions on Bona Fide. So if you like loud heavy psychedelic guitar, pounding, screamin rock, soaring ballads, and jazzy jams, look no further. George's unique sound has won him fans worldwide! Too many apparently as unscrupulous Europeans at Radioactive Records in the UK and Synton in Austria bootlegged his classic Jungle Rot. Please avoid these inferior boots and support the artist--not those who rip him off! Both the boots have been "withdrawn", but they are still out there selling the bogus ones. Only the Bona Fide CDs and the Anopheles vinyl are the real thing. Accept no substitutes! Please feel free to check out our website for more info here

Spread the word...Bona Fide is back! This January we will be releasing one helluva punk rock CD the complete studio recordings of the Left--20 songs--both It's the World and the Last Train to Hagerstown EPs plus 4 unreleased cuts--55 minutes of pure high energy rock including a shredding version of the Stooges' TV Eye! Check back for more info and we will be posting some mp3's too. We are also working on an expanded CD reissue of our 80s psychedelic garage comp The Train to Disaster for early next year as well as George Brigman's first all new LP in 20 years, Rags in Skull! Stay tuned for more.

For those in the nearby area, come on down to murph's other bar in York on Friday night December 9th to hear our pals the great hillbilly punks Waitin on a Train play along with the hardrockin Horsecop. Fans of the Stanleys, Louvins and the Holy Modal Rounders be there or be square!


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The Left albums on CD!


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